I discovered a broker pretty rapidly though my initial surfing and signed up with GlobalTrader365 http://globaltrader365.com A pleasant broker from that company over in the USA telephoned me almost immediately and I was pleased to hear that my initial deposit would be granted a 100% signup bonus. I had some spare funds in my bank account and decided to invest an intial $300 which is about £200. This was matched so I had $600 in my account to play around with. I was keen to get going so, having worked out how to proceed, I placed my first $25 trade. $25 is the minimum amount you can invest on a single trade. I picked that the EUR/USD would rise over a ten minute expiry and unfortunately it didn’t, but watching the moving graph undulate for ten minutes was great fun and instantly I was hooked. Two trades later, one on the USD/JAP going down and another on the EUR/USD going up and still I was without a win… Then it happened. I placed a call on the USD/JAP rather than the previous put and ten minutes later, it came in and I won $43 (including the $25 investment). I was thrilled and got carried away, putting 4 simultaneous trades with my winnings. One failed but 3 came in. I had branched out to USD/CHF which lost but two USD/JAP and one EUR/USD came in – I was now in profit. I realised that this scam email had truth in it. Before the weekend I would be $20000 richer and the bubbly would be on me!

It gets very addictive, placing your first trades. A proper gambler’s rush. I got carried away and just following the trends on the graphs on the broker’s site seemed the easiest way to continue. It was either bearish (up) or bullish (down) or somewhere inbetween, a level horizontal line trend. I tried to avoid the ones with no definite trend, and also the ones which showed reversals from the trend. I figured these were no-gos. The sheer multitude of options available, different currency pairs, meant that by scanning around there was plenty of scope to find a big bull or bear on offer. I was winning one, losing one and my balance was creeping down and then I hit a losing streak. Six in a row, all losing. I remembered the advice about doubling up and started trading $50 at a time. One drew, where it finished exactly level at the price, giving you your money back and then one won. I lost a $40 trade and then won another $50. I realised from my old gambling days that I was already chasing losses which is never healthy but the adrenaline was flowing. Sensibly I backed down to $25 trades. I was doing well on the USD/JAP and had been basing my trading on the fact that the US dollar was performing very strongly against the Japanese currency. I put this down to the fact that the Asian markets must have been closed and all the patriotic New Yorkers were backing their money to win. A bit naive I now realise, but these things go through your head. The EUR/USD however, was proving a nightmare. It was very much undulating and over several hours I noticed it went from bull to bear faster than an Ovid Metamorphosis. I was losing the majority of these trades. Another bad run and I found myself doubling up again. This time, however, my luck had run out. 4 large trades and only one $50 won. That was $87.50 return on a $200 investment. I had already lost all the initial signup bonus and was eating well into my initial capital. I realised it was time to go back to the drawing board. I’d been having great fun, but I knew I had to research more. I started surfing again, but was still hooked on trading, I stuck to the USD/JAP and bet away, larger and larger, stepping up to $57 investments and then, down to my last $87 and with it getting on to 1.00 in the morning I threw it all at a call which ultimately lost. I had fried $600 in one day with one broker. I was angry and upset, but thought about it and realised I had enjoyed my experience. I could make money being a binary trader, I was convinced. I just needed a plan. I started hearing about money management policies and did some really decent tutorial videos which advised on sensible 5/15 trade percentage policies with a 10/30 for aggressive traders. This meant never betting more than 5% of your total portfolio value on a single trade (10% aggressive) and never exceeding more than 15% (or 30 aggressive) of your portfolio value on simultaneous trades, thus limiting you to 3 simultaneous trades. I slept like a baby that night, after a tiresome day’s trading. My dreams had graphs whirring around in them, green and red. I was on the floor of the stock exchange, tic-tacking about and at one point I saw a helicopter emerge from a big oak tree with pilots flying me up into the sky. It was pie in the sky, Leonardo Da Vinci -esque. The technology had brought man from nature into the digital revolution. I was going to make a fortune as a trader. I was there for the long stay. Next morning I jumped out of bed, fresh as a daisy. Time for a day on the floors. And time to make my fortune!