KryKey IPhone App


Technology is shrinking. We are moving into areas through mobile technology that would have been unenvisaged 20 years ago. Devices bring us together on the move and we share photos, music, film, like never before. The disruptive web radio technology, that is #KryKey, now brings web radio to your pocket, with the release of its eagerly anticipated mobile app. Having just purchased a new #IPhone, I decided to surf over to the Apple App Store and test out what KryKey’s app brings to the table.

It’s nice and easy to get hold of this FREE app from the Apple App store… Just a quick search of ‘KryKey’ will list the Premium app for free download and installation time is fast. The app is pretty much streamlined and for the data it handles, works very efficiently.

The app builds on the successful web-based platform of and brings web radio to your fingertips. The first noticeable thing about the KryKey app is the design. It is structured to look like a traditional radio, with easy to use dials, all app-subscribing radio stations being allocated their own digital frequency, with plenty of space available at present to allow for company growth. Obviously, listeners and app users will remember the frequencies of their favourite KryKey radio stations and be able to simply whirl the dial to quickly tap between shows, in the same manner in which one used to flick through a car radio.

There’s an initial sign up to the app which requires a simple email address and some locational information, to tailor the app to your needs. This is non-essential though and the app will function anonymously, if required.

You have the pre-mentioned dial, for simplicity, though for the first few uses of app, it might be more advisable to use the search features to get to know the network a bit better. The preset dials can be customised for easy browsing, like any standard, traditional radio. The search features allow radio stations to be navigated by various subdivisions: Music genre, Radio Name, City or wider, by country.

The app is only available for broadcast for KryKey Premium stations, that pay the $30 or so monthly fee for the new service. KryKey used to have over 60000 personal radio stations and since the streamlining of the business, ahead of app release, most of the dross has been culled and only the more serious stations now feature on the App, meaning a higher standard of content and ease of use for end consumers.

So, well, where did my first app surf take me?

Had to check out the Shuffle Radio app firstly, on which my own Wez G Djing features heavily. It was a bit of a shock seeing little old Caldicot listed next to  global cities such as Sydney and Seattle… but putting it on the map is always good. Shuffle Radio was functioning fine and although just primarily a 24-7 continuous DJ stream, it kept me entertained for 10 minutes or so… On with the surf…

Next up, over to Richard Radio in Los Angeles…. Some nice world music grooves… Back off the beaten track and over to Puerto Rico for some mild Jazz on ‘Jazz & Bossa’ radio…. I know that KryKey is very popular in the Arab world, so I decided to tune into some Arabic political discussion over on ‘Morrocco Republic Radio’…. A bit heavy for the ears but nice to hear some foreign voices. More traditional KryKey radio stations such as London Web Radio and New York Radio are functioning well although too much mainstream pop for my ears. Some of the community radio stations are taking advantage of the new app and it’s great to be able to surf into Preston Hospital Radio and MPVSW1, from the Millbank Estate in South London. Some of my favourite KryKey station such as WCUT radio and Red Babe are rocking it out and I shall enjoy tuning in regularly to them when I am out and about, on the move…

What next? Well, why not get yourself a decent dock or Iphone car holder, and with a decent data allowance you should be able to take 320k radio wherever you like….

KryKey has yet again proven to be at the cutting cusp of web radio technology and is leaving its competitors in its wake.

The app is also available on the Google Play store for Android phones and a Windows Phone app is due imminent release.