Psychiatric Dunce

Analyse End Of Terror

Yep – like you were in school, back in the corner… Send us the photos of you in your dunce’s cap if you wish, but I’m sure you’ve got bigger fish to fry… I mean – what I’d really like is for all you shrinks to maybe donate us half your wages – £150k per annum or so as it is here in the UK – (I think only football players earn more)  We’d be sure to put it to good use at End of Terror – but as a realist… I realise that you probably are here to pry and dig about and sneer and leer and judge and plot and drink coffee of course – well coffee is an essential to your work.

I thought that here’s in shrink’s corner I could benefit from your expertise and knowledge. I’m out in the open, publishing my musings, attempting to be transparent. Why not ask you for your expert opinions. Let me know just how advanced and wonderful psychiatry is. Let me know how you can cure me. Let me know just how dangerous and disturbed and wrong and evil I am as a human being. Let’s go tête-à-tête!

Have a good look about ‘End Of Terror’. I invite you personally to psychoanalyse me, the author. Let me know just how bonkers I am – Let the public know… I’m sure you can rise to the challenge.

I probably won’t accept your diagnosis – but that works well to my understanding of diagnosis as the worst symptom of any mental illness is denial. It just confirms that the disgnosis will be indisputably ture if I disagree. Fire away – I’ve been diagnosed with most things. In fact a few new categories and illnesses have been invented specifically for me including Coffee Mug Syndrome and I am also a sufferer of the bizarre ‘hamster disorder’. I’m an avid collector of diagnoses so the more, the merrier.

Use the comments section below and post away… Let’s see where this takes us. Will the End Of Terror happen or is it a delusion of grandeur, a madman’s fantasy?


Oh … and btw… while you’re filling in the paperwork here’s some music for you to listen to …



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