The Dragon Translate website was originally set up to be a business and to generate me work as a translator. I am still a Translation (BA) undergraduate student at Cardiff University and am yet fully qualified although immersed in the second year at present my linguistic skills are feeling pretty sharp and I need to start getting some proper translation experience.
Should you require any ES>EN or FR>EN translation work doing, please drop me a line and I will give you a competitive quote and will relish the opportunity to work with you.

I am, in addition to being a translator in training, keen on interpreting work. I speak French and Spanish to a relatively high degree of fluency and would be an ideal companion for someone heading off on a business trip to a French-speaking or Spanish-speaking country and who needs a bit of a guide to assist them on their travels. Again, contact me if this service might interest you.

Gracias & Merci

Wesley Gerrard
Dragon Translate

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