gypsy jane

I read this book really quickly- it was enticing and a good tale. Gypsy Jane is something of a crazy phenomenon who rocked the London underworld with some pretty brutal firsthand tales. It didn’t take much for the Gran to pay a visit to any dissidents and she’d be brandishing a samurai sword or her cherished shooters. From bootlegging booze across the Channel after an early career as an armed robber, Jane was never frightened to mix it. If you had the front to rip her off in a drug deal, she’d be through your door, terrorising you. After being shot by armed police four times after a set up on an armed robbery, she had her first jail experience. Her life is laid bare in this story and Jane seems a very passionate, loving woman who idolised the love of her life, Gangster Matt, and her son. On the inside she is a caring family woman but her gypsy blood doesn’t allow her to settle whenever she senses danger and she rises to the challenge in an instant. After going straight after several prison sentences, her ‘normal’ life in the real world leads her to plot a series of four murders which luckily, in the end, she manages to avoid carrying out. An interesting book by a larger than life character.